OSINT Resources for Email Addresses

Email addresses are crucial in open-source intelligence (OSINT) for gathering information about people and organizations. This page showcases free tools for using email addresses in investigations. From tracing email origins to mapping social networks, these tools can turn email addresses into valuable insights.

🗒️ As part of OSINT Tools Tuesday, this list is also a roadmap for tutorials that will be available for paid subscribers. When available, each tool will have a link to a tutorial showing you how to use the tool, when to use it, and why. I’ll categorize these by Web Apps, GitHub projects, and Use Cases.

This page is a work in progress. In the future, I want to expand this beyond just tools and also into techniques.

Web Apps

🧰 Epieos (Member)

Epieos is an open-source intelligence (OSINT) tool designed for gathering and analyzing publicly available information to support investigations and research in various fields such as cybersecurity, law enforcement, and business intelligence.

Web App

🧰 EmailRep

EmailRep is an OSINT tool that analyzes email addresses to assess their reputation and security risk based on factors such as domain age, usage patterns, and known associations with fraudulent activities.

Web App

🧰 DeHashed (Free Preview)

Dehashed is an OSINT tool that specializes in searching and analyzing compromised email addresses and associated data from leaks and breaches to enhance cybersecurity and prevent identity theft.

Web App

🧰 That’s Them

That's Them is an OSINT tool that provides extensive people search capabilities, allowing users to find contact information, addresses, and other personal details through public records and various online sources.

Web App

🧰 TruePeopleSearch

True People Search is an OSINT tool that offers free people search services, enabling users to find detailed information such as contact details, addresses, and background information based on public records and online data sources.

Web App

🧰 Whoxy

Whoxy is an OSINT tool that focuses on domain and email address intelligence, providing detailed information about domain ownership, historical records, and associated email addresses for cybersecurity and investigative purposes.

Web App

🧰 HaveIBeenPwned

Have I Been Pwned is an OSINT tool that allows users to check if their email addresses have been compromised in data breaches, providing insights into the security of their online accounts and personal information.

Web App


🧰 GHunt

GHunt is a GitHub project that offers an OSINT tool specifically designed for investigating Google accounts, allowing users to gather information such as connected services, Google Photos, and potential associated email addresses based on a target's email address.



🧰 h8mail

h8mail is a GitHub project that provides an OSINT tool for searching and analyzing breached email addresses, offering capabilities to find passwords, related accounts, and other sensitive information from various data breach sources.


🧰 mailcat

mailcat is a GitHub project that offers an OSINT tool designed for email address enumeration and verification, allowing users to discover and validate email addresses associated with a target domain for cybersecurity and investigative purposes.


🧰 Zehef

Zehef is a GitHub project that provides an OSINT tool for email address scraping and analysis, enabling users to extract and gather email addresses from various online sources for research and cybersecurity investigations.



🧰 Holehe

Holehe is a GitHub project that offers an OSINT tool for detecting accounts associated with a given email address across various platforms, including GitHub, helping users uncover potential connections and investigate digital footprints.


🧰 Eyes

Eyes is a GitHub project that offers an OSINT tool for scanning email addresses to find associated online accounts, providing valuable information for cybersecurity investigations and digital footprint analysis.


🧰 Zen

Zen is a GitHub project that offers an OSINT tool for conducting reverse email searches to find associated GitHub profiles, aiding in cybersecurity investigations and user analysis.



Use Cases

Pivoting from one email address to many with automatic email enumeration and verification

Using Goodreads to reverse email search in bulk

Email Address to Name + Image using Dropbox API

⚡ GONZO Investigates a Backdoor Author Using their Email Address


GONZO created a beautiful infographic highlighting the steps he took in an investigation into a backdoor author. Pivoting from a GitHub profile to an email address, GONZO was able to link to several accounts including ones with different names based on common activity.

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